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Dear comrades
It’s that time again, we have to take at least two steps back at the Swiss Two Days March, after Colonel Knecht Eduard resigned as march leader with immediate effect. After much deliberation, I have once again made myself available as March Leader after 2007 to lead the Swiss Two-Day March with my reliable comrades from the March Committee and the Organizing Committee. As you can imagine, I now need all available officials to ensure the continued existence of the Swiss Two-Day March. There are still several positions to be filled in the OC, and I also need a competent successor as march leader.
In January, I will write to all current and former officials known to me. We need all interested people who can make themselves available, even if for a limited time. Only with your help the Swiss Two Days March has a future, so that we can continue it after 63 years.

Are you interested, or could you make yourself available as an official for one or two days, at the event, in the preparation or during the week?
Are you somewhat knowledgeable in IT to help out with administration?
I would be very happy to welcome you in the circle of our officials, even if we cannot pay a princely salary.

Please get in touch with me:
Email:, or
Mobile: 079 335 98 82, or
Private: 031 809 24 88.

For more info, see Swiss Two-Day March.