Questions and Answers

How much do the parking spaces at the accommodations cost?

Parking spaces at the accommodation generally cost CHF 20 and are charged on site. There are no more free parking spaces in the canton of Bern.

Is the published implementation date fixed?

Yes, before we set the implementation date, we check that it does not clash with marches in Switzerland with military category, nor with the Federal Field Shooting. Thus, apart from unforeseeable global political or climatic factors, the date is fixed.

Does the march take place on site?

The 2024 march will be held both on site and as a so-called “remote” march.

Where will the start / finish area be?

The start/finish area is located in the area of the Bern military barracks.

How do I get confirmation of participation for foreign troops?

Until the online registrations are switched on, confirmations of participation for foreign troops can be ordered via the contact form on the homepage (

From when to when are the accommodations available?

The accommodations can be reserved on the implementation weekend from Friday from 1700 hrs to Monday 0900 hrs with a charge.

Where are the nearest hotels?

If you do not want to stay in one of the accommodations we offer, you will find a large overview of hotels and other accommodations at Bern Tourismus ( ).

When and where can you register?

Online registration will be available in spring 2024 on the homepage ( ) under “Marsch – Marsch 2024”.

Are accommodations organized by the organizer?

Yes, we will provide accommodations in civil defense facilities and gymnasiums.

What are the starting times?

The start times are as follows:

40 km0630 – 0730 h0630 – 0730 h
30 km0730 – 0830 h0700 – 0830 h
20 km0830 – 0930 h0730 – 0930 h
10 km0930 – 1200 h0800 – 1000 h

We expressly point out that shorter distances may not start earlier than the specified times, because the routes are neither signposted and secured nor released beforehand.

Will the participation in the Bieler Lauftage be credited?

Yes, the participation of the Bieler Lauftage will be counted as the first day of the march.

Can my group be smaller than 10 people?

Yes, you can register a group of 2 or more people. However, you will only receive the group award if the group consists of at least 10 people.

I can’t pay the fee with my credit card.

Possible causes:

– Geoblocking «The bank/card issuing office must activate Switzerland for transactions» Please contact your bank.

– 3D Secure not fully set up for distance selling. «This must be clarified with your bank» Please contact your bank.

– Error in the card number, name, expiry date or the CTV code “This must match” “Please try again”

– Prepaid cards “Insufficient credit or limit” Please contact your bank.

When and where can I download the app?

The app can be downloaded from the respective app store (see Download ).

Can I lead or lag the march?

No, you must march within world time on Saturday/Sunday, June 1-2, 2024.

As a Navy soldier, can I also run laps on the ship?

Yes, if the app does not work, please report the lap distance and the number of laps by email.

Can I also march the Swiss Two-Day March in my holiday resort?

Of course, you are not only allowed to march in the region where you live, but also in your vacation or work region.

My award is displayed incorrectly, what should I do?

(distance, name, degree with number of previous participations)
Please write to
We will check this and adjust it as soon as possible.

If the app does not work for technical reasons, how do I get my award?

Send us an e-mail to or WhatsApp (+41 79 123 60 70) with the required information, such as a photo or screenshot or a description of the route you have walked. Please send the route description via one channel only (e-mail or WhatsApp). Please send photos separately from the route description.

Where can I get my diploma / certificate?

The diplomas and certificates can be downloaded from the Marsch 2024 page.

When will the medals be sent?

Immediately after the march, the medals will be sent.

My shipment arrived defective or incomplete

Please check first whether you have really registered with distinction. If so, please write to us at Take a picture of the defective item and email us with the address, which we need to resend so everyone gets the correct awards, medals and pins.

When will the MLA or IVV certificates of achievement be sent out?

The previously sent military performance certificates are filled out and returned on the second day of the march. Certificates of achievement that are delivered later will be processed on an ongoing basis. Please send the ID cards to the following address:
Swiss two-day march, 3000 Bern.
The performance certificates are always sent back in the same way as received (A Mail, B Mail or registered mail). If the performance record has to be registered, please transfer CHF 6 to the account of the Berner Kantonalbank (IBAN – CH44 0079 0016 5935 2308 5, Swift Code KBBECH22XXX) in favor of Schweizerischer Zweitagemarsch, 3000 Bern. Please note “registered mail” and address details in the remark.

Can I still have previous participation entered in the military performance record (MLA)?

Yes, please draw attention to earlier participation (year and distance) on the relevant page in the performance record with a sticky note. Please send the ID cards to the following address: Swiss two-day march, 3000 Bern.

I want another stamp on a sticker, how do I get that?

You can order this by sending an e-mail to, stating your full address.

Can you buy the ribbon or badges?

Yes, you can order the items you want on the Shop page.

Can I donate an amount to the Swiss Two-Day March?

Yes, you are welcome to transfer a donation to the Berner Kantonalbank account (IBAN – CH44 0079 0016 5935 2308 5, Swift Code KBBECH22XXX) in favor of Schweizerischer Zweitagemarsch, 3000 Bern.