March 2022

63. Swiss two-day march
Saturdays and Sundays 28. and May 29, 2022

Tracks worldwide

Telephone contact during the march

+41 31 920 00 48 German
+41 31 920 01 37 French
+41 31 920 01 56 English

Important information for the transmission of the results

Dear participants
We would like to send you your awards immediately after completing the march.
For this we need your help.
We ask you to upload the distance you have covered to your profile no later than 6 hours after you have crossed the finish line.
We offer the following options for this:
– via the «Swiss two-day march» app
– via your login profile

Upload the results

The route covered can be determined either with the “Swiss two-day march” app or with any other GPS tracking app of your choice.
Measurement with Garmin watches or other GPS trackers is also possible. Make sure your recording can be exported as a valid GPX file.
The determined route can be transferred using the “Swiss two-day march” app. Measurements with other apps or using GPS trackers can be loaded here and transmitted as a result in GPX format.
There is also the option of entering the route you have completed in your online profile or uploading it as a GPX file.
In the app’s upload form, you have the option of uploading a route as an “individual” or as a “group”.

If you upload as a « group »

The uploaded route applies to all members of the group.
If a group participant uploads an individual result, this result only applies to the corresponding participant. If a team result already existed, the remaining group members keep the team result.
This function can be used when individual group members have completed a shorter or longer distance than others.

If you upload as «Individual»

The uploaded route is only valid for the respective participant. If you need to correct your route, simply upload the correct route again. The last uploaded result (valid for each march day)

Announcement, Regulations



This year we are conducting the Swiss two-day march exclusively as a so-called “remote” march.

If you would like to participate in part or all of the original route, we will provide you with the march routes.

Please note that there will be no jalons and no traffic service. Likewise, neither the refreshment and Samaritan posts nor the toilet facilities will be available.

Distances 10km
Distances 20km
Distances 30km
Distances 40km

Profiles 10km
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