Information for all IVV VSL-EVG participants

As an IVV VSL EVG runner, please register in one of the available categories.
The achievements are listed with the recognitions. (see announcement, regulations )

If you only want the stamp in your stamp booklet, register with category “V” and proceed as follows:

Send a picture of the scanned stamp book with a legible address to the following email address: anmeldung@2tm.ch
The difference from Fr. 4.- we will then transfer them back accordingly.

The IVV-VSL-EVG representatives keep a list and they receive their stamp at any event (people’s hike) by Rolf Senn. According to the IVV decision of 2021, adhesives are now also permitted.

Alternatively, you can send the stamp book to one of the following addresses before the event with an addressed return envelope. The stamps are then entered on the march weekend and the booklet is sent back.

If you wish to have it sent by registered mail, please stamp the return envelope accordingly.

The booklet can be sent to the following address before the march:

Swiss two-day march
3000 Berne

or send it to the following address after the march:

Rolf Senn
Trottengasse 7
PO Box 78
5042 Hirschthal

VSL / ECG code for 2023: